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Specializing in Herbal Teas, Herbal Infusions, and Energy Work


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Pixie Doodle Philosophy

Bringing Herbalism to Daily Life.

Pixie Doodle Farm believes health should have a preventative focus and be easily accessible.  A cup of herbal tea a day, infusing herbs into your cooking oil, or adding them to vinegar can be simple additions to improve your health.  And they taste delicious!


Each tea is handcrafted individually by weight to ensure consistent flavor and medicinal benefits.  Our products are sold in glass vials, bottles, and jars. We strive to source the highest quality herbs for our teas.  We are Eco-conscious, using recycled shipping materials and avoiding plastic.

Our Approach

We are bringing Western Herbalism to old traditions from a variety of cultures. We began with a tradition we are familiar with, Ayurvedic, and created our first tea collection "Root Stem Leaf Crown".  

We hope these teas bring alignment to your body by balancing organs associated with each Chakra.

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