Schedule a Psychic Reading & Healing session with Joe. Sessions can be given in private homes with a travel fee determined by milage or over video chat.



Psychic Readings offer a unique experience in finding the blockages of our deeper selves. The techniques used have been passed down for thousands of years through rosicrucian lineage. Using the symbol of the rose I will read the aura of your being as well as the chakra centers to find what is imbalanced as well as any spirit interference. I also offer past life readings as well as spirit guide work. Offered virtually or in person.

Joe trained at the school of the Audacious Spirit, specializing in psychic readings and healings, earning the title of Maestro in 2021.




30 min = $60

60min = $100

90min = $120

10% off a package of 3 sessions

Psychic Reading & Healing

PriceFrom $60.00
  • Once purchased, Joe will contact you to schedule your session.

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