Tea for Thought

We found tea, like many others interested in holistic living reading this, as a way to heal. We love it more each day with new history learned, cultural usage researched, folklore told, and plants touched, sniffed and sipped. It is these deep herbal traditions that inspire us to make tea blends to share. Pixie Doodle Farm’s approach to tea-making is blending western herbalism with old traditions from a variety of cultures. This is holistic preventative medicine using ancient wisdom with today’s knowledge. 


A great way to start bringing this knowledge into your everyday life is to create a ritual for wellness and to bring awareness of what is going into your body. Something as simple as making a cup of tea in the morning and saying, "Thank you, Earth, for your healing. I use mullein and elderflower for my lungs, rose for my heart, and calendula for my immunity. Thank you for your gifts."  This can help set the tone to bring into your life what you and your body needs to heal and maintain balance. It is important to find a re-connection with the Earth every day.  Teas are an easy way of connecting with herbs and flowers and bringing their benefits into our life. When used consistently, the herbal properties of each plant can help bring balance to different parts of our bodies. All herbal remedies contain varying amounts of potency to address acute or chronic conditions, please check with your herbalist for specific dosage recommendations for healing. Always listen to your body and have gratitude for the herbs. There is a natural connection between our bodies and the Earth.  The Earth offers us what we need, remember to ask before taking and give her back more than you took.


In our American culture, we have moved away from the traditional usage of herbs and flowers and look at them for more of our fondness for their beauty, scent, or food flavoring.  We tend to look at plants considered weeds with annoyance or as work to be removed.  As we go deeper into the history of plants, we start to see a connection that our contemporary world has forgotten.  We see weeds' healing and nutritional aspects, such as dandelion for cleansing and nettle for allergies.  Lavender and chamomile not only provide lovely scents but are wonderful in relaxing the nervous system, especially for children. As a society, we are missing the importance of knowing what is growing outside our front doors. We have lost the knowledge of herbal remedies. Let’s bring it back.


We hope our products bring healing to your life with a connection to herbal history, cultural ancestry, and the Earth. 


We would love to hear your stories about tea and herbal goodness! Whether it is “my grandmother used to make us drink that as kids” or “we used to sit around a fire and tell stories of the Elder tree” we want to hear it all. Let's share and rebuild tea history.


With folklore, dancing, and tea ~

Erika and Joe

Pixie Doodle Farm 

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